The purpose of the specific in-depth lectures is for the Students of the Department of Physics of I.H.U to know how Quantum Electrodynamics of the microcosm can have modern applications in the study of Advanced Materials and Quantum Computers. At the same time, it should be understood that modern research in Quantum Electrodynamics and the study of the nature of the photon, has given excellent results in connection with conclusions about Cosmology.
Attendance requires introductory knowledge of Quantum Mechanics and Classical Electrodynamics as well as Mathematics of Tables and Operators.

The lecture schedule:

March 1, 2023Evangelos Gazis

15:15-16:00 : Introduction to QED

16:15-17:00 : Modern Applications in QED (Quantum Computing and Other Applications)

March 2, 2023Konstantinos Meis

15:15-16:00 : Modern Research in QED